Jeux Olympiques de Paris 2024 à Bordeaux Métropole Bordeaux Métropole

Olympic Torch Relay route in Bordeaux Metropole

The relay begins in Saint-√Čmilion at 8.30am, where the Olympic Torch will be raised in this village famous for its World Heritage-listed vineyards.

Next, it travels to the Hippodrome du Bouscat at 9.20am for a spectacular showcase of the local equestrian tradition.

At 10.03am, the relay continues through Libourne, a town renowned for its architectural beauty and history along the Dordogne River.

At 11.06am, the Torch arrives in Lormont, then passes through the prestigious Ch√Ęteau Cheval Blanc at 1.05pm.

The route continues to Mérignac and Pessac at 1:34pm, highlighting the importance of these towns in the Bordeaux region.

At 4.01pm, the Torch makes a stop at the Dagueys sports and leisure park, a place dedicated to sport and well-being.

After passing through Cenon at 4.55pm, it will make a triumphant arrival in Bordeaux.

The relay ends at 7.20pm after a tour of the historic streets, offering a memorable finale in the heart of Bordeaux’s historic centre.

The towns along the route will be organising a number of events.